EQVM – Visual Merchandising mit Liebe gemacht

Hi! I’m Eve 🙂

I’m a Brazilian artist living in Berlin. I’ve been working with visual art and illustrations since 2009.
I also have a long experience with artistic projects including set design, street art, digital illustration, art curator and more, taking my career and professional life with passion and creativity.

Some clients: Netflix, RayBan, Disney, AMBEV, Goethe Institut, and others.






Would you like to attract more clients to your business in an artistic and creative way?
If the answyer is yes, I really can help you.





We recognize  good visual merchandising when we connect with consumers. I can offer the best way to display the products in your place or shop with beauty and strategy, building a project based on your necessities finding creative solutions.
Avaliate the best options for Visual Merchandising and discuss viable ways to speak directly to your audience and clients.

Let’s do it? Send me a message to schedule a visit.
WhatsApp : +4917659100584 or by email: [email protected]
And folow us on Instagram: instagram.com/eqvisualmerchandising/































• wall paintings/ graffiti – ab 400EUR
• window display – ab 300EUR
• store decor project – ab 600EUR
• set design project – ab 600EUR
• graphic design – ab 150EUR

WhatsApp : +4917659100584
or by email: [email protected]

It will be a pleasure to show creative ideas and solutions for your business.

Some Inspirations:
I also made a selection of cool inspirations from pinterest to show more possibilities